Welcome to AppearMe - We are Here to Help you Connect, Scale and Automate your Law Practice with Confidence!

AppearMe is the only truly real-time and on-demand suite of apps for attorneys, law firms and consumers, nationwide! For the past four years we have been connecting our users with a nationwide network of appearance, deposition and freelance attorneys within 60 seconds. In 2020 we added a network of over 10,000 expert witnesses and other litigation support providers (like court reporters, interpreters and many more) to our already essential and popular mobile app and website.

With the latest launch of our FREE Legal Practice Management Software we are further empowering our users to streamline their litigation and administrative processes. All members of the legal team can now connect, be informed of all matters, tasks and events 24/7 whether working from the office or remotely. Use AppearMe to connect with your peers and a long list of litigation support providers, grow your practice without the added overhead, and perform tasks that used to take hours within minutes.

To make the most out of our network we have launched a consumer and business facing website to better connect individuals and business owners to lawyers. Offering transparent and set prices, decided you, we make legal work affordable and without financial surprises.

Why We are Here

We sincerely believe that technology is the key to efficient, strategic, and successful litigation. AppearMe is the fastest growing platform that helps attorneys find litigation support across the country in a matter of seconds and manage their practice with confidence.

Our commitment to innovation and transparency is deeply ingrained in our company. From our 24/7 personal support at (888) 900-3080 or a direct line to our co-founder and CEO at (310) 750-8181, we are committed to walking with you, side by side, every day.

How AppearMe Works

AppearMe is a family! From the team that works hard on the technology side to the team that supports you 24/7, to the network of all those who sign up and reap the benefits of our incredible network, we are a family.