Law Practice Management Software

AppearMe Manage offers the essential tools needed to run your practice, without the complicated clutter and the hefty price tag. Now, managing your practice is easy and affordable.

1. Create your Law Firm Space

Create a law firm account and add free AppearMe accounts for all your associates and paralegals. From having access to all law firm matters, tasks and event, to court related hearings and procedures, everyone will be in touch, informed and efficient.

2. Input all your matters and tasks

To not loose track of all your matters and active cases. Easily create or import all your matters, create tasks and events, add deadlines and assign each to a specific team member.

3. Input all your contacts

Never search for a client’s info or where to serve that CMS. Have everyone you work with, from clients to opposing counsel, in one place to easily find and connect.

4. Create Automated Workflows

Make the lengthy and repetitive tasks of creating rule-based procedural calendars pleasant and efficient. Create a set of rules that create all tasks and procedural events automated. Implement these sets of rules with one click from there on