Appearance Attorneys

AppearMe allows you to find an appearance attorney near any court in the country within 60 seconds. Our nationwide network of attorneys law firms uses AppearMe on a daily basis to find local and skilled appearance attorneys a week, a day, or even 10 minutes before the hearing.

Deposition Attorneys

Use AppearMe to find a deposition attorney anytime, anywhere. Once you submit your request, all deposition attorneys in your area registered in our network will get emails and push notifications and will respond to your request in a matter of seconds.


Freelance Attorneys

Here in AppearMe, we care about your productivity. That’s why we have created our free application with so many features and services to help you save your time and focus on more worthwhile tasks. Find a trusted and skilled freelance attorney anywhere in the country to delegate some of your legal work. 

Cloud-based CRM for attorneys and law firms

Keep track of your clients, matters, and court hearings

Browse and Select an Expert Witness or Litigation Support Professional for Your Case.

The AppearMe Directory enables you to find expert witnesses and litigation support professionals within minutes. Browse our comprehensive list of categories and select the right expert witness or litigation support professional to provide the expertise and assistance you need. The AppearMe Directory includes over 10.000 expert witnesses, court reporters, virtual assistants, legal writers and other litigation support professionals. 

find a lawyer

Hire the Right Lawyer for Your Legal Issues

AndLawyers is an innovative platform for individuals, startups, and businesses to find an affordable lawyer anywhere in the United States. We offer access to a nationwide network of over 10.000 vetted and screened lawyers to help you find the right lawyer for your legal matters. The lawyers in our nationwide network handle cases in a wide range of practice areas, including Criminal Law, Business/Startup, Family Law, & Lemon Law, and more.