Manage all your clients, matters, hearings, depositions, and legal tasks on our cloud-based CRM.


The best way to keep track of your clients, matters, appearances,
and depositions are in a CRM, not your head.

It will enable you to better manage your team, clients, and all aspects of your legal practice. With AppearMe's on-demand legal marketplace
integration, you can expand your practice, increase the number of clients and cases without the added overhead.


Create a Virtual Law Firm by adding your lawyers and paralegals on your team.​​

Add and keep track of your court cases and other legal matters.​​

Make a database with all of your contacts and clients.​​

Track client interactions with notes, reminders, and tasks.​​

Manage every step with AppearMe's mobile app.​​

Manage all of your hearings, appearances, depositions, and other legal tasks that are outsourced with AppearMe.​​

Keep track of your clients, matters, and court hearings.

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Law firm

Create a Law Firm Account​

Attorneys can create a Law Firm account and add their team of lawyers and paralegals.​

Manage Your Matters​

Attorneys & paralegals can manage the firm’s matters or active cases.​

Manage Your Contacts & Clients​

Attorneys & paralegals can manage the firm’s contacts and client information.​

Manage Notes, Tasks, Reminders

Attorneys & paralegals can add notes, tasks, and reminders to each contact or matter.

Manage Activity Page​

All law firm related activities are displayed on your activity page as history​.

Manage All Outsources Tasks​

All appearance, hearing, and depositions are managed under each relevant matter