Attorneys of Record

Find appearance & deposition attorneys within a minute via our mobile and web application. Attorneys registered in our network are ready to appear anywhere for any hearing and deposition. Follow the four easy steps:


1. Sign Up

Creating an account with AppearMe is easy and takes no more than a couple of minutes. By signing up, you gain access to the nationwide network of appearance and deposition attorneys that allows you to find an attorney within 60 seconds.

2. Submit a Request

When you submit your appearance or deposition requests with details, hundreds of attorneys registered in our network get push notifications and emails and respond to your requests in less than a minute.

3. Find an Attorney

The first attorney who commits to your request gets the job. Thanks to our smart algorithm, your chances are very high to find an attorney that meets all your requirements.

4. Get a Report

The attorneys registered in our network will handle all your court appearances and deposition coverage requests and will submit a detailed report of the proceedings.


Appearance and Deposition Attorneys

The AppearMe real-time and on-demand application enables you to find attorney jobs within seconds. Follow the four simple steps:


1. Sign Up

To sign up, download the AppearMe application or visit our website. After passing the verification process, you can accept appearance and deposition requests within minutes.

2. Receive Offers

AppearMe makes it easy to find attorney jobs in the United States. Receive hundreds of requests, scroll through them, and accept the ones that interest you.

3. Get the Job Done

The date of the accepted request will appear on your calendar. Sync with your favorite calendar, whether it is Google, iCal, Yahoo, or Outlook. All you have to do is appear in court/ attend a deposition and follow the attorney of record instructions.


4. Get Paid

You will get paid as soon as you close the appearance/deposition and submit your report. The automated payment gateway will secure a quick transaction for you.