Attorneys of Record

Solo practitioners and law firms use the AppearMe mobile & web application to find freelance attorneys nationwide. Follow these easy steps and hire a freelance attorney to tackle more complex and large projects.

1. Sign Up

To sign up, visit our website or download the free AppearMe application from the App Store or Google Play. Once you sign up, you will be able to submit a request and find a freelance attorney within 60 seconds.

2. Choose the Attorney

Receive details of freelance attorneys and choose the one who suits your needs. Communicate with freelance attorneys through our built in messaging feature or traditional methods of email or phone.


3. Pay When Satisfied

We believe that the quality of work is highly important, and we care about our clients’ satisfaction. The attorneys of record only pay when they are content with the job. Otherwise, follow AppearMe special procedures.


4. Get Results

The freelance attorneys in our network will get the work done in a timely and efficient manner. They will help you manage your heavy workload and save time so you can concentrate on more important matters.


Freelance Attorneys

Once you create your free account on AppearMe, you will receive emails and push notifications about freelance job requests suitable for you.

1. Sign Up

Sign up to be part of our network and accept freelance jobs across the nation. To sign up, download the AppearMe free application or head to our website.


2. Get Verified

All legal professionals must pass the verification process before joining our network. Once verified, you will be able to accept freelance job requests.


3. Receive Offers

AppearMe provides unlimited possibilities for freelance attorneys to advance their practice. Receive freelance job offers and choose the ones that interest you.


4. Get Paid

Finish the task and send it to the attorney of record. When the latter is content with the job, you will get paid immediately through regular AppearMe procedures.