Find a Freelance Attorney in Philadelphia for Responding to a Discovery Set

You probably got stuck with a lot of tasks on your desk. You need to respond to a discovery set, answer to a complaint and […]


Schedule a Deposition in Chicago

You may think, ah, just another invitation to schedule a deposition in Chicago. You are right not to trust the first thing that comes to […]


Find Appearance, Deposition and Freelance Attorneys in Tampa

Say goodbye to long forms, boring interviews, and unnecessary delays when you want to find appearance, deposition and freelance attorneys in Tampa, Florida! Say hello […]


Want to Find a Court Reporter in Portland? Use Our Mobile App!

Ever been desperate because your court reporter got sick and can’t appear to the hearing? You never know what surprises life has for you! That […]


5 Tips on How to Deal With Bully Bosses

Does your boss humiliate you in front of others? Is your boss gossiping or spreading lies? Do you feel intimidated and frustrated at the workplace? […]


Can’t Make it to Court? No Problem. Meet the Substitute Lawyer App!

How often do you have to miss a court appearance because of your crowded schedule? Almost always? Then you may be wondering what to do […]


We will Match You with Experienced Interpreters Online

Trying to decide which court interpreting service best suits your needs? To help you with your decision, we have provided some information below about AppearMe, […]


Discover the Perfect Legal Freelance Task For You

ATTENTION! Recently AppearMe has introduced a new service for freelance attorneys. This means that thousands of registered users are searching for freelance lawyers at the […]


Your Legal Career as a Freelance Lawyer with AppearMe

Flexible schedule, long vacations, the ability to choose your assignments, and explore a variety of practice areas… Yes, being a freelance lawyer is a dream […]


Delegate Your Legal Research or Motion Drafting Through a Mobile App

If you ever wondered how come that other lawyers manage everything and you don’t. You don’t know a simple fact. Savvy lawyers don’t perform each […]

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