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5 Things to Consider Before Hiring an Expert Witness

Expert witnesses play a vital role in the litigation process. They can really make or break a case. So, it is crucially important to choose […]


AppearMe Expands Services with Over 10,000 Expert Witnesses and Litigation Support Specialists

Have you heard the news? Aside from scheduling appearance, deposition, and freelance lawyers in a matter of seconds, AppearMe users can now access more than […]


Access the Directory of Over 10,000 Expert Witnesses and Litigation Support Specialists

The Directory by AppearMe is an online database of expert witnesses and litigation support specialists. Our FREE directory is designed to help lawyers and law […]


Medical Expert Witnesses | AppearMe

Medical expert witnesses are an integral part of modern litigation. In fact, almost all medical malpractice cases require the expert testimony of an experienced medical […]


Hiring an Insurance Expert Witness has Never Been Easier

It’s no secret that the number of lawsuits filed against insurance providers has dramatically increased since the outbreak of COVID-19. Whether you’re preparing litigation related to […]


When Do You Need to Hire a Medical Expert Witness?

Medical expert witnesses are hired for a variety of reasons. For example, almost all medical malpractice cases require expert testimony from a medical expert. If […]


Real Estate Expert Witnesses | AppearMe

Looking to find a real estate expert witness for your case? Browse our free directory and choose the right expert witnesses to provide legal reports […]


An Expert Witness Can Make or Break a Case

You’ve probably heard this a thousand times, but it’s worth repeating: an expert witness can make or break a case. Hiring the right expert witness […]


Hire a Paralegal to Help You Prepare for Your Hearing

The right paralegal can become an essential part of your law practice by researching legal precedent, conducting investigative work, preparing legal documents, or maintaining communication […]


3 Most Common Mistakes Attorneys Make When Using an Expert Witness

It’s no secret that expert witnesses play a critical role in many cases. The right expert witness can significantly improve the outcome of a trial […]

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