Welcome to AppearMe

AppearMe has integrated with Clio, a legal practice management software that you can use to manage cases, client intake, calendaring, time and expense tracking and more. With one click Clio member attorneys and law firms can benefit from a list of many other features offered by AppearMe. The integration allows attorneys to streamline functions like finding appearance & deposition attorneys, legal freelancers, and other litigation support providers.

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Whether you need someone to cover your hearing in a month or in 5 minutes, you can use AppearMe to find the help you need with the same confidence as always!


Find the help you need in 60 second. The traditional 2 to 5 hour search for litigation support professionals is streamlined to a fast, efficient and safe process.


30% of requests on AppearMe are submitted on Sundays or between 4 to 7:00am for same day coverage. Only AppearMe can save the day with your and off-hour requests.

AppearMe lets litigating attorneys find litigation support in real time and on demand within 60 seconds. With less time spent on search for help you can really focus on parts of your practice that need your attention the most.

With AppearMe you can make every minute count and make the most out of your billable hours. Even when last minute coverage is needed, whether its just within 24 hours of your hearing time or 10 minutes before the appearance or deposition that you cannot make, AppearMe is here to save the day! It’s all about using the latest in tech to working smarter, not harder and focusing you energy on the essential matters. Make time work for you!