AppearMe is a valuable platform that provides you access to the nationwide network of thousands of attorneys and enables you to find an appearance attorney for any Columbus courthouse within 60 seconds.  Also, AppearMe allows you to find experienced deposition attorneys, freelance attorneys, interpreters, and court reporters through the same account. 

It’s truly the most efficient and innovative application that has been reshaping the legal industry and building the modern way of finding litigation support since 2016.


Find an Appearance Attorney in Columbus within 60 Seconds

AppearMe is a real-time and on-demand mobile and web application that enables attorneys and law firms in Columbus to submit and accept appearance requests, deposition requests, various freelance assignments, book interpreters and court reporters within 60 seconds. By registering with AppearMe, attorneys and law firms in Columbus can refer entire cases to other attorneys free of charge and earn referral fees. 

We are excited to announce that from now on AppearMe provides coverage for attorneys and law firms nationwide!

All appearance attorneys in Columbus registered in the AppearMe network will get emails and push notifications about your appearance request on their mobile devices and will respond to it within 60 seconds. The first attorney who commits to your job offer gets it. Once an attorney accepts your offer, you can talk to him/her or send a message through our application. 

AppearMe is all about innovation, efficiency, productivity, and user-friendly solutions. It’s very easy to use – the attorney of record posts a request, and an appearance attorney accepts the request. The attorney of record only gets charged after the appearance or task is completed, and appearance attorneys get paid immediately thereafter. Thanks to our advanced algorithm, you will get matched with an attorney who best suits you. 

We encourage you to invite your fellow attorneys to join the AppearMe nationwide network and get rewarded with $40 for each sign-up to the platform


Sign Up and Explore the AppearMe Features

The AppearMe application is free and always will be. It’s available on the App Store and Google Play. Download it and sign up with AppearMe or just visit our website to create an account. It takes only 3-4 minutes to sign up and submit your request, and 60 seconds for a legal professional to accept your offer. 

Once you have signed up and verified your account, you will be able to request and accept appearances and depositions, find thousands of freelance jobs, and refer cases for free in Columbus by using our all-in-one and easy-to-use application


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