How to Enjoy Your Vacation without it Affecting You Thriving Law Practice

I am a lawyer. I have my own law firm and I’m always busy. I used to think I can’t get away for a vacation. In 2017, I finally took time off for a few days (I’ve not taken a vacation in over three years) and spent a wonderful time in Cuba with my family. That was one of the best vacations of my life. We rode in a classic car, went on a Havana city tour, chatted with the locals, relaxed at one of the many white sand beaches…You know, it was so wonderful to have a break from being a lawyer.  

When was the last time you took a vacation? Hmm, you don’t even remember. Here are some great tips for lawyers who think they can’t get away for vacation!


Law Practice: Don’t Schedule Your Trip During a Busy Period

When is the right time to take a vacation? Should I just go, or wait for a quiet time when nothing is going on?

Well, I usually schedule a trip during a slow period of business. For example, August is a relatively slow month for the firm. That’s why I prefer to take a vacation during this time. Sometimes, I take time off during national holidays, as my clients are on vacation too. Isn’t this great?


Plan Ahead + Let Everyone Know

I always plan vacations well ahead of time. Once I decide on my vacation time, I start clearing my calendar about two months in advance. Before I leave, I inform my colleagues and clients of dates that I will not be available. The reason: I don’t want (who does?) to get last minute requests when I’m about to get on the plane.


Your Team Should Support You During Vacation Time

I am a lucky person to have employees who are well trained and capable of handling everything while I’m away. As a team, we support each other. So, before I leave, I try not to take on extra tasks. Instead I ask my colleagues if they can help me. If they can’t, I use AppearMe. This super-handy app allows me to schedule verified court appearance lawyers, deposition attorneys, court reporters, court interpreters and freelance attorneys in a few seconds. Then I relax because I know everything will be running smoothly while I’m away.


Unplug from Work on Vacation – But Not Completely

Sun, sea and sand…What else do you need for a perfect rest? Wi-Fi connection? Really?

Well, we all know you’re supposed to relax, de-stress, spend time with loved ones and see new places to enjoy your vacation. However, lawyers should have access to emails at least once a day to help address any emergencies or make sure things are running smoothly.

I usually go over crucial emails and answer important questions early in the morning or late in the evening when everyone in the family is sleeping or is doing something else (yes, I don’t want them to see me working, otherwise, you know, they will start complaining).


Wrapping Things Up…

Demanding clients, staffing shortages, and myriad case duties…Here is why most lawyers often skip vacations. However, the tips above will help you finally take time off, relax and enjoy the time away from your business. Trust me, you will be much more productive once you get back to the office.

Now, excuse me, I’m going to leave my laptop at the hotel room and head to my favorite beach bar to drink mojito and enjoy the live music. Bye!