How to Find a Pro Bono Lawyer if You’re Arrested During a Protest

People continue peaceful protests across the world against police brutality and racial discrimination. More than 10.000 protestors have been arrested in the U.S since the death of George Floyd sparked nationwide demonstrations and worldwide marches of solidarity with the Black Lives Matter movement.

People also show their solidarity with the #blacklivesmatter movement by donating money to the community bail funds like Minnesota Freedom Fund, the Louisville Community Bail Fund, the Peoples City Council Freedom Fund to help post bail for arrested protesters in their areas. Follow this map If you want to donate to bail funds that help arrested protesters.

Lawyers are also stepping up to provide pro bono legal services to help protect protestors. This massive Twitter thread lists attorneys around the country ready to help and protect your legal rights. Also, you can search the American Bar Association’s pro bono resource dictionary for pro bono organizations in your state.

Seeking to ensure fair legal treatment for all arrested protestors across the nation, AppearMe for Consumers provides a platform to find a pro bono lawyer in your city to help protect you and your loved ones. All you need to do is visit our website and submit a request to find a pro bono lawyer in your city willing to represent protestors.

People have the right to express their opinions in public, as well as the right to protest in “traditional public forums,” such as streets, sidewalks, and parks, as long as you are not interfering with traffic or building usage. 

If you are arrested, it is important to stay calm, avoid panicking, and think clearly to make sure your rights are protected. Remember, you do not have to answer police questions without a lawyer present. If you start to answer questions without a lawyer present, you should stop the questioning and request a lawyer right away.