Find Appearance Attorneys

This service helps attorneys find court coverage professionals. The great thing about this awesome legal feature is that you can schedule a court appearance attorney in 60 seconds – even 10 minutes before your hearing or a month ahead.

Find Deposition Attorneys

AppearMe is here to revolutionize the way deposition attorneys are hired. Here you can connect to a network of attorneys who post and receive deposition coverage requests every day.

Find Freelance Attorneys

Hiring freelance attorneys with AppearMe is a matter of minutes. The whole process from start to finish takes less than 2 minutes and you can submit a wide variety of legal freelancing.

Find Interpreters

Whether you are looking for interpreters to interpret client meetings, conferences, court proceedings or witness testimony, we are here to help you with our pool of interpreters.

Find Court Reporters

Finding affordable and professional court reporters has never been easier. As a portal for freelance court professionals, AppearMe is the fastest and most reliable source for finding a court reporter in 10 US states in minutes.

Refer Cases

Instead of saying ‘no’ to the client, use AppearMe to refer the case to an experienced lawyer who specializes in the subject matter. We do not charge any processing fee when referring or taking on entire cases.

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