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Contract lawyers are becoming more popular in the legal industry. Lawyers who specialize in contracts should be competent in every aspect of the contractual process since they are responsible for drafting, reviewing, managing, and enforcing contracts between parties. Contract attorneys are needed in almost every aspect of business life (employment, intellectual property, purchasing and selling goods & services, and so on) to protect their client’s rights and interests.  


Use AppearMe to Hire a Skilled and Competent Local Contract Lawyer within 60 Seconds Nationwide

AppearMe is a real-time and on-demand mobile & web application that enables attorneys and law firms to find an appearance attorney, deposition attorney, contract lawyers, as well as book interpreters and court reporters within 60 seconds. We offer you a fast-growing network of legal professionals and provide a full set of capabilities to find legal support in a matter of seconds nationwide. 


Thousands of professional contract lawyers in our nationwide network can help you:

  • Review and negotiate contracts,
  • Reduce the company’s contract risk,
  • Write complaints, 
  • Write lawsuits, 
  • Draft demand letters, 
  • Provide support to the litigation team,
  • Conduct depositions,
  • Write wills and trusts packages, 
  • Draft settlements and contracts,
  • Perform legal research,
  • with intellectual property issues,
  • Review and modify employee manuals,
  • with labor and employment issues,
  • Respond to discovery sets, as well as case summaries, etc.


After creating your free account on AppearMe and submitting your request, all contract lawyers in your area registered in our network will receive emails and push notifications about your request and will respond to it within 60 seconds. The AppearMe smart algorithm chooses a legal professional who meets all your requirements. You will be able to communicate with the chosen contract attorney through our application. 


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