Find Experienced Court Reporters for Your Law Firm

Court reporters are an essential part of the litigation process, as we all know. Evolving technology not only revolutionizes the way court reporters work by providing new tools that help them to be more efficient and precise but also makes court reporters’ work more accessible and valuable to the legal proceedings.  

Of course, the main responsibility of a court reporter is to provide unbiased and high-quality written transcription of deposition or courtroom testimony. By using AppearMe, law firms can find experienced and certified court reporters who will provide a reliable transcript of a deposition, trial or other court hearing.

Find a Court Reporter within 60 Seconds

AppearMe is a legal tech startup – a real-time and on-demand mobile and web application that enables law firms and solo attorneys to find appearance attorneys, deposition attorneys, freelance attorneys, interpreters, and court reporters within 60 seconds.

There is a high demand for reliable, professional, and punctilious court reporters, and AppearMe is here to help you find the one in a matter of seconds in any U.S. state at any time.

When you submit a request, the AppearMe’s smart algorithm matches you with a certified and qualified court reporter who joined our network by passing a verification process. After choosing a court reporter, you will be able to share files and chat with him or her through our application. You will get the transcript as soon as the court reporter closes the request and submits your report.


AppearMe offers:

  1. A revolutionary free application
  2. Smart and efficient solutions
  3. A single account for posting/accepting court reporting job offers
  4. Comprehensive services
  5. Automatic invoicing and billing system
  6. A network of attorneys with thousands of qualified legal professionals
  7. Fair and competitive prices with no hidden costs

Let the qualified court reporters of our network handle the reporting, so the attorneys of your law firm can focus on your cases.   


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Sign up with AppearMe for free. It will take 2 minutes to sign up and 60 seconds to find a court reporter who meets all your requirements. You can download our free application from the App Store/Google Play to sign up or visit the website to create an account. 


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