Download AppearMe – Gain Access to Thousands of Freelance Lawyers in Real Time While On the Go

Imagine an app that allows you to hire freelance lawyers easier and faster. Actually, you don’t have to imagine this because AppearMe already exists.

The initial release of the application was in 2016 and it continues to be incredibly popular to date. I don’t like to boast but, well, AppearMe is one of the greatest legal apps, created to connect and bring together thousands of freelance contract lawyers in one platform.

Read on and check out what hiring freelance attorneys is like with AppearMe.


Download AppearMe for Free – Change the Way You Think About Hiring Freelance Lawyers

Finding a contract attorney can be complicated. Well, not anymore! AppearMe has revolutionized the way freelance lawyers are hired.

You can say goodbye to the middleman, save on costs, gain access to thousands of vetted freelancers in Arizona, California, Florida, Illinois, Maryland, Massachusetts, Michigan, Minnesota, Missouri, Nevada, New Jersey, New York, Oregon, Pennsylvania, Texas, Virginia and Washington.

Oh, and did we mention how quickly you can find your freelancer? With AppearMe you can hire freelance lawyers in just a day, an hour, 60 seconds.

So, don’t wait until tomorrow, download the app for FREE and see yourself what hiring freelance attorneys is like with AppearMe.

Once you submit a freelance legal task, you will automatically receive details of 5 freelance contract lawyers in a few seconds. Now, browse their profiles and select the perfect freelance attorney for your task.

One of the best parts about AppearMe freelance legal services is that you will only pay when you’re satisfied.


What Else Can You Do with AppearMe?

In addition to hiring freelance attorneys, here’s what else you can do with your new app. You can post/accept court appearance, deposition, court reporting, court interpreting requests, as well as refer cases and get case referrals. In other words, all your favorite services are in one well-designed and easy-to-use application.


Final Thoughts

The days of struggling to find freelance attorneys are gone. Hiring freelancers with AppearMe has become standard practice for tens of thousands of legal professionals, and we’re so proud of that. But, that’s not all. Whether you want to post/accept court appearance, deposition, court reporting, court interpreting requests, or refer cases and get case referrals, it’s all there for you, just a click away.

If you have questions about our freelance legal services, contact one of our experts or check our Help page for more information.