appearance attorney

We have great news for all Florida attorneys! Now you can find a Florida appearance attorney in less than a minute with the web and mobile application AppearMe. Attorneys can take up jobs as an appearance lawyer and earn extra income. And all that spending less than 2-3 minutes on request making and less than 60 seconds on claiming an appearance. Sounds good? Read our help page for more info but before you do that, let me highlight what you can do with the help of this app. Here are the services we provide in Florida.

Find a Florida Appearance Attorney

When you become a user of the portal, you can find an appearance attorney in Florida through our web and mobile application(App Store and Google Play). The process is super easy. You need to fill in the required fields and click submit. Since there are thousands of attorneys registered in the portal, someone will commit to your request immediately – in an average of 60 seconds.

Find a Deposition Attorney in Florida

A lot of attorneys take deposition jobs, so you can find a deposition attorney in Florida easily with this app. The procedure is the same as with an appearance attorney and you can expect an immediate response from user attorneys. The users are competent in various practice areas and specify their areas of expertise in their profiles.

Find a Court Reporter in Florida

AppearMe is a portal not only for court appearances. The application is a place where a lot of court reporters get registered. You can find a court reporter by a simple click of a mouse instead of calling dozens of agencies. Use our simple and super fast procedures to find a court reporter in Florida and you will not waste time on a job of locating a court reporter that can take 2-3 minutes with this app.

Lawyer Referral Service

We know that sometimes things are tough for attorneys and they cannot handle all cases. AppearMe covers case referrals without a processing fee. This means that you can refer a case and earn a referral fee depending on state regulations without even paying a processing fee to AppearMe. The offer is unprecedented in the market. The only requirement is that the referral fees are to be honored and paid in accordance to each state’s Bar rules and regulations.

Sign up to Gain Advantage Over Other Lawyers!

All Florida attorneys have the chance to sign up to AppearMe for free, but only those will make up their mind who are tech-oriented and know the value of time. These lawyers will get ahead of other solo practitioners and law firms, and that is absolutely fair! Sign up today for free or contact us for more details!