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On behalf of the entire AppearMe thank you for considering AppearMe for your litigation support needs. You will soon discover that litigation management will never be the same with us.

As a welcome gift, we would love to offer you a FREE appearance coverage for your first appearance request for any Monday during the month of June (2019). Just sign up as an attorney during the month of June and schedule an appearance request for any Monday of the month of June 2019. The appearance request must be submitted at least 48 hours before the hearing. Once an appearance attorney within the network accepts your request, we will refund your appearance fee in the amount of up to $100.00 to your account on file.

We have thousands of attorneys registered in New York, California, Arizona, Nevada, Texas, Florida, Illinois, New Jersey, Oregon and Washington. The appearance will be accepted and made by your colleagues who are independent members of the AppearMe family just like you. The average committal time is 60 seconds, so you are not going to wait long once you submit a request.

AppearMe will only cover the costs of the appearance. All AppearMe Terms of Use apply.

You are going to enjoy your journey with AppearMe. Sign up and get started!