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Use AppearMe mobile and web application to find freelance attorneys for all your legal needs. AppearMe is a network of attorneys who are ready to assist you in real time, usually within 60 seconds.

Now you can text a lawyer for FREE!

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Finding an attorney has never been easier. It should not cost you a dime to talk to an attorney before you decide to hire him or her. The experienced attorneys on our network will reply to you in real time, within 60 seconds, and answer most of your questions over the phone. Stop wasting your time and get your questions answered now.

Submit a Request in Real Time

Send a quick and short message with your question to a large network of thousands of licensed attorneys. Once submitted, your message will be forwarded to attorneys local to you by matching with their area of practice. to ensure you talk to the right specialist.

Choose the Attorney in Seconds

Receive details of the first 5 attorneys who are “Interested”. Browse their profiles or communicate via SMS, email or AppearMe chat to choose the right candidate. With absolutely no obligation to hire anyone, you will get your basic questions answered.

Pay Little or Nothing

The consultation is absolutely free. Most consumer problems wither do not require up-front payments and/or can be done on contingency basis. For all your business needs, attorneys can complete your work based on hourly or flat fee basis. With us YOU are the boss and you make decisions.