What Startups Should Know About Hiring a Lawyer

Finding an experienced and trustworthy lawyer for your startup is a confusing and time-consuming process, especially if you’re doing so for the first time. However, hiring a lawyer with the right experience is crucial to any new business. This was particularly true with startups. Having a good lawyer will provide numerous advantages and will help protect you from legal implications. For example, an experienced startup lawyer will make sure that your new business complies with all of the legal requirements that apply to your business and industry.

Here are several things to keep in mind if you are hiring a startup lawyer.


Hire a Lawyer Who Has Experience Working in Your Industry and Understands Its Legal Environment

Every business in different industries is subject to different rules and regulations. Hiring a startup lawyer who has proven experience in your particular industry will ensure that you act in compliance with the law. You need a lawyer who is familiar with your business sector and will help get your startup off the ground. Startup lawyers are able to handle all complexities that arise during the process of launching and running a brand-new business.


You most likely will need a lawyer for your startup to help you deal with these two groups:

  • The government: To help you run your business in a way that doesn’t violate laws( when paying the taxes, forming a business entity, hiring employees, obtaining patents, etc)
  • Third parties and the public: The lawyer will help you control risks while interacting with customers, employees, partners, suppliers, users, etc.


An experienced startup lawyer can also help you with:

  1. Contracts for space, services, and supplies;
  2. Agreements between you and your employees, partners, investors;
  3. Raising venture capital and seed funding;
  4. Applying for intellectual property protections(trademarks, copyrights, patents, etc.);
  5. Conducting business in multiple states;


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