Everything You Need to Know About Law Practice Management Software from AppearMe

Remaining competitive, keeping up with demanding clients, and running a busy law practice is almost impossible without the right tools these days. That’s where AppearMe’s law practice management software comes in.

AppearMe Manage is a complete legal practice management system used by legal practitioners and law firms to run a better practice, from anywhere. Our legal practice management software includes, but is not limited to, calendaring features, document management, contact management, and customer relationship management.

Currently, there are countless law practice management systems available in the market. Thus choosing the best cloud-based legal practice management software isn’t an easy task.

AppearMe Manage is a great choice used by legal practitioners to automate and manage their firms in one secure system.


What We Offer – AppearMe Manage Features

Space for Law Firm: Create a law firm account where all your associates and paralegals can access all firm-related information when they need it.

Matter & Case Management: Manage your legal cases, keep cases organized, and track every change made to legal cases.

Workflow Automation: For each case you probably spend hours planning and calendaring tasks and events based on the work you have to do within the firm, procedural rules, and court calendar. Save time and avoid errors by creating a custom template workflow and apply it to all new matters or cases.

Litigation Calendar: Always stay on top of deadlines. Have your court hearings, depositions, and all other important events on one simple calendar.

Contacts & Clients: This feature will allow you to store, manage, and track interactions with your contacts and clients in one organized location.

Court & Other Documents: Store all your case related documents in one secure place. Quickly and easily search and find information. Documents related to appearances and depositions made by appearance attorneys are automatically uploaded and filed under each case.

The best part is that you will be able to access your firm’s data and case files from any device at any time. This means as long as you have internet, you can get your job done from home or from another location.


More from AppearMe – Hire in Under a Minute

AppearMe is a real-time and on-demand web and mobile application with over 10,000 appearance, deposition, and freelance attorneys. The app connects legal professionals with other lawyers in need of their services.

What sets AppearMe apart is that you can find the right legal professional in just a few seconds, without having to ask colleagues for references or contacting agencies to find the right fit.


Sign Up Now – Save Time, Win New Clients, & Improve Your Firm’s Profitability with AppearMe Manage.

There are many reasons legal practitioners should adopt cloud-based legal practice management software. By investing in this type of software and keeping your technology up-to-date, you will complete administrative tasks more efficiently, free up time for billable tasks, and improve client satisfaction.

You don’t need to use several different tools to manage your practice! Simply, give AppearMe Manage a try and see how it can help you manage and grow your firm.

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