FREE Legal Practice Management Software from AppearMe

Ever wanted to have your entire law firm, matters and deadlines be synced with your court calendar, in-office team, as well as all litigation support providers? Imagine entering your case info and having your entire litigation calendar drafted, all deadlines and hearings scheduled, appearances, depositions and all freelance work outsourced and covered within minutes? Well, welcome to a DIFFERENT legal practice management software called AppearMe Manage!

Since 2018 over 10,000 attorneys have used AppearMe Peer, a real-time and on-demand legal marketplace, to effectively find the help they need. Whether it is finding an appearance attorney, someone to defend your deposition or outsourcing your motion writing or lawsuit drafting, AppearMe has helped its users to supercharge their litigation.

Now, AppearMe Manage is here to help you manage the rest of your legal practice in one convenient and optimized suite, without all the clutter, useless features and astronomical prices. Here are some of the features of your favorite practice management software:

Space for Law Firm

Now you can create a law firm account where all your associates and paralegals can access all firm-related information on any desktop or on a mobile app. Never miss a beat by having everyone well managed, connected and informed.

Matter & Case Management

Now all your case and case related items are synced like never before. From court hearings and depositions to court deadlines, tasks and related events, everything is managed from one simple dashboard.

Workflow Automation

For each case you probably spend hours planning and calendaring tasks and events based on the work you have to do within the firm, procedural rules and court calendar. Now you can create custom template workflow and apply them to all new matters or cases with a single click. Do the work that used to take hours in just a few minutes.

Litigation Calendar

Have you deadlines, court hearings, depositions and all other important events on one simple calendar. With a seamless integration with AppearMe Peer you can use your calendar to outsource your legal work, appearances, deposition coverage or find expert witnesses and interpreters in minutes.

Contacts & Clients

Our cloud-based CRM lets you manage all your contacts, from clients to opposing counsel, in one simple place. You will always know how to reach a client and who you should serve your discoveries to.

Court & Other Documents

Now all your case related documents are in one place. You can upload them as you wish. Documents related to appearances and depositions made by appearance attorneys are automatically uploaded and filed under each case.

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