AppearMe | A Must – Have Tool for Your Law Firm Deposition Needs

AppearMe provides a range of services to help you with your law firm deposition needs. AppearMe is the only on-demand legal tool that offers real-time support for all law firms and solo practitioners. The mobile and web application enables you to schedule a deposition attorney, find a freelance lawyer to summarize the deposition, and more. 


AppearMe: Manage Your Law Firm Practice Efficiently

The application provides nationwide coverage for legal professionals to help them find litigation support in a matter of seconds! Attorneys in your law firm are overwhelmed with the number of cases and don’t have time to conduct a deposition? You can trust AppearMe to help you find a deposition attorney within a minute. 

AppearMe is a useful and simple application that supports attorneys and law firms’ needs! It helps attorneys use their time in the best way possible, enabling them to find appearance attorneys, deposition attorneys, and freelance attorneys within minutes.


How does the app work?

It requires 3 simple steps to find a deposition attorney:

  1. Sign up
  2. Get verified 
  3. Submit a request 

To sign up, download the application from the App Store and Google Play or get started using the website. 


Here are some advantages that the application offers:

  • Free mobile and web app
  • The AppearMe advanced algorithm chooses attorneys based on their rating, location, and preferences, meaning that your chances are very high to find an attorney that meets all your requirements. 
  • Fair and transparent pricing policy
  • Text a deposition attorney directly from the application whenever you have questions, updates, or has something to share.
  • Clio members can access AppearMe services with only one click. 
  • Sync AppearMe with your Google, iCal, Outlook, and Yahoo calendars.
  • We provide support around the clock. Please call us at (888) 900-3080 or send an email to [email protected]


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