per diem attorney

Finding a per diem attorney in New York may be challenging. Attorneys face emergencies and finding a lawyer a couple of hours or even 10 minutes before your hearing may seem impossible. But it can be possible to find a lawyer super-fast if you sign up to the automated app AppearMe. New York per diem services are no problem anymore for the legal professionals who have registered with the portal.

AppearMe is a unique platform serving attorneys in New York who can post appearances on a daily basis with the expectation that someone will claim for the appearance in literally minutes. It is a fast-growing community of thousands of lawyers who post and accept court appearances every day.

We stand out in the market with features that you can find nowhere else.


Super Fast Access to New York Per Diem Attorney Services

Got stuck in a traffic jam? Have a flat tire? No worries since you can find a per diem attorney in New York within minutes.

After you register with AppearMe, you can create an appearance in 2-3 minutes and post the offer. Thousands of lawyers will access your job announcement, and the first attorney who will claim for the job will cover your appearance. Due to the smart solution, attorneys normally react to job announcements in minutes, sometimes in less than a minute. This is why you can post a job offer even 10 minutes before your court hearing and someone may claim for it.

Now you can sit back and wait for the lawyer to submit a brief report. Once the lawyer submits the report, the job is considered completed.


Automated application

One of the advantages of AppearMe is that you gain access to fully automated Web and Mobile Application (iOS and Android). Due to automation, manual involvement is up to the minimum. Attorneys need to create an appearance in 2 minutes filling out a couple of fields and posting the offer. Thousands of lawyers registered in the portal get notifications on their mobiles and emails. The whole process is automated from request processing to invoicing to payment.


24/7 Customer Support

When you sign up, the system will guide you through simple steps. In case you have emergencies or have some inquiries, our 24/7 Customer Support heroes are here to help you with any problem. Contact us with questions, and we will readily help you.