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Case Referral Network for Lawyers – Access 12,000 Attorneys Nationwide for FREE

Most attorneys will say there are never enough hours in the day. Luckily, you can handle more cases, focus on billable work, and increase your […]


Discover a New App to Refer Cases and Track Your Referral Fees

Not every lawyer can handle all cases on their desk, so referrals are an important part of the legal business. Lawyers refer cases because they […]


Find a Job as a Court Reporter in New York – It’s Easy!

Court reporters play a critical role in the justice system. They attend depositions, hearings, proceedings and other legal events where a written transcript is required. […]


AppearMe – Your Case Referral Portal

There are plenty of occasions when an attorney would like to refer a case to another lawyer. For example, a particular case may not be […]

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