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Introducing the Expert Witness Directory by AppearMe: Find Your Next Expert Now

Need an expert witness for your next trial? Well, there is one smart yet simple way to find great candidates. Sign up for AppearMe to […]


Be an Expert Witness for Trials! Get Listed on Our Free Directory Today!

The Directory by AppearMe is a FREE online database of expert witnesses and litigation support specialists. We have developed a quick and efficient way to […]


When Do You Need to Hire an Expert Witness?

Of course, not all legal cases require an expert witness, but there are several scenarios that require an expert. Here’s when you will need one:  […]


Access the Directory of Over 10,000 Expert Witnesses and Litigation Support Specialists

The Directory by AppearMe is an online database of expert witnesses and litigation support specialists. Our FREE directory is designed to help lawyers and law […]


AppearMe: an Essential Application for Attorneys and Law Firms in Houston

AppearMe offers you an innovative solution to manage your appearances and depositions in the most efficient way possible. The mobile and web application is designed […]


Hire a Freelance Lawyer to Help with Heavy Workloads

A growing number of law firms and attorneys are opting to delegate some of their legal tasks to freelance attorneys to manage a heavy workload. […]


A Heavy Caseload? Our Nationwide Network of Freelance Attorneys is Here to Help

Heavy workloads can negatively affect your work, leading to poor performance and decreased productivity. If you feel overwhelmed by your caseloads, here is a legal […]


AppearMe: Delegate Your Legal Work to a Freelance Attorney

Legal process outsourcing has proven to be a very smart and effective approach that helps attorneys and law firms save time, reduce operational costs, and […]


Find a Trusted Freelance Attorney to Outsource Your Legal Work

Looking for a trusted freelance attorney to outsource your legal work? You’ve come to the right place! AppearMe is an easy and fast legal tool […]


Find a Contract Lawyer within 60 Seconds to Help You Keep Your Workflow on Pace

Looking for a contract lawyer to handle your contract-related legal problems? AppearMe is an innovative and efficient legal tool that enables you to find a […]

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