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Discover the Perfect Legal Freelance Task For You

ATTENTION! Recently AppearMe has introduced a new service for freelance attorneys. This means that thousands of registered users are searching for freelance lawyers at the […]


Your Legal Career as a Freelance Lawyer with AppearMe

Flexible schedule, long vacations, the ability to choose your assignments, and explore a variety of practice areas… Yes, being a freelance lawyer is a dream […]


Freelance Attorneys Make More Money with AppearMe

Affidavits and reports! Answering Interrogatories! And what not! Up to $1200 flat rate! Wouldn’t you go for it? Freelance attorneys make more money with AppearMe […]


Build a Freelance Attorney Career You’ll Love With AppearMe

I’ve been working as a freelance attorney for three years, but only recently I’ve started falling in love with my freelance career. Now many of […]

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