appearance attorney

Texas, here we come! Now you can find an appearance attorney in Texas in less than a minute through a web and mobile application. Forget about the time-consuming experience of locating a court appearance professional. It’s time for you to take advantage of the technological advancement and locate a court appearance attorney by a simple click.


How Does It Work?

We have good news for all attorneys in Texas! The astonishing feature of AppearMe is that it involves minimum human effort. The whole process is automatic. AppearMe serves as a portal that connects attorneys of record with appearance attorneys.

What does it mean? We have attorneys registered in the portal, right? Those acting as an attorney of record submit requests and the court appearance attorneys commit to these requests through the user-friendly interface. Simple as that!

Once you sign up (absolutely free!) and get verified, you can post unlimited appearance requests through guided steps. When your appearance request is submitted, other attorneys get push notifications on their mobile phones or emails. The first court appearance attorney committing to your appearance will be the one to cover the hearing. No nerve-wracking experience! No time-consuming efforts! All you need to do is to take these simple steps:

  •         Sign up and get verified
  •         Post/receive appearance requests.


AppearMe Favorite Features

  •         Find an appearance attorney in less than a minute: in fact, the first appearance attorney committing to your case will be the one who will take up the job. That is why the attorneys registered in the portal act fast. The record time of committing to an appearance has been less than 60 seconds.
  •         Invite your attorney friends and get $40: Once you are registered in the portal, you can invite as many attorneys as you like and you will get $40 for each sign-up. When you sign up, you will see the INVITE button right below the main menu. Enter the emails of your attorney friends, and when they get registered you can claim your $40!
  •         Price your appearance: attorneys of record can bid on a higher price than the minimum rate in case of emergencies or for any other reason.
  •         Sync with your favorite calendar whether it is Google, iCal, Yahoo or Outlook by a simple click: you can sync with your favorite calendar by a simple click of a button in your email. Click Google, Yahoo, ICal or Outlook to synchronize with the calendar of your choice.
  •         Have the full court info: you don’t need to look for court information somewhere else. The system will provide you with detailed court info.


Interested in Pricing?

Of course, you will ask how much it will cost to hire an appearance attorney through this service. We assure you our prices are affordable and marketable. We offer you competitive prices with the added value of services. This means you will pay what the market offers or less and enjoy the benefit of hiring an appearance attorney in literally a couple of minutes (including the submittal process). Why not get the advantage that the digital market offers at a market price or less?

We wait for you to join our Texas attorney club with benefits only. Sign up and be the lawyer who stands on top of technological advancement!