The Virtual Law Firm, the Future of Legal Practice

In recent years, more and more law firms are going virtual. But why are virtual law firms on the rise now? 

Well, first off, the world has changed. Technology has affected many traditional business models (banking, retail, travel, etc.). The legal industry has also changed due to advances in technology. There is a growing demand to use technology for efficient legal services. 

Another reason why virtual law firms are replacing traditional practices is that clients expect it. Especially younger clients expect to be able to work with anyone (including lawyers) online. 

And of course, due to the global pandemic, law firms are starting to embrace virtual offices – but will it last? Well, like it or not, virtual is the new law firm reality. And while many lawyers are still not ready to go from a totally office-centric workplace to a totally remote workplace, even in a post-pandemic world law firms will either go virtual or will develop a hybrid work environment. 


Advantages of Starting a Virtual Law Firm

Lower Overhead Costs: You can save a ton by getting rid of rent or a mortgage for office space. By cutting overhead costs, you will increase profits. 

Virtual Lawyers Can Literally Work from Anywhere: You can work remotely from a coworking space, home office, a coffee shop, or any other place. 

Eco-friendly: Virtual law firms are better for the environment. With a virtual law firm lawyers generate less office waste.

Better Work-Life Balance: With virtual law firms comes more flexibility and control over the hours you work, higher productivity, and better health.


AppearMe’s Free Legal CRM

AppearMe has recently launched a free legal CRM. Here are the key features of our legal CRM software: 

Add Matters: Attorneys and paralegals can add, edit or delete the firm’s matters or active cases, as well as store and track the information and files regarding court cases and legal matters.

Add Contacts and Clients: Add, edit, and delete your firm’s contacts and client information. Add Notes, Tasks, and Reminders: Attorneys and paralegals can add notes, tasks, and reminders. 

The Activity Page: All law firm related activities will be displayed on your Activity Page as History.


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