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Are you looking for a Washington appearance attorney? Our app will help you find one in 60 seconds! AppearMe provides coverage for attorneys and law firms Nationwide! You will get more than access to thousands of attorneys when you open an account with AppearMe (by the way, absolutely free)! Keep scrolling, and we will open the incredible story of AppearMe with features that any lawyer will love!


An App by Attorneys for Attorneys

Created by attorneys for attorneys, AppearMe is gaining widespread acceptance in the legal market. Just in a couple of years, the app has become one of the most favorite tools of lawyers because it is designed having in mind the busy schedule and emergency needs of attorneys. Today, three years later after its launch, AppearMe is leading the legal market with its easy to use functionalities and accessible services.


60 Seconds to Find a Washington Appearance Attorney?

Yes, you have not misread! Everything from request making to committal takes place in 2-3 minutes. Once you open an account and become a user of the app, you can request an appearance, and someone will get back to you in an average of 60 seconds. Your request will go to thousands of attorneys registered in the portal. Those attorneys that are nearby will respond to your request and commit to the appearance. No nuisance with traveling, no delays! The attorney may even be right at the courthouse where the request is made! Incredibly efficient both for an appearance attorney and for an attorney of record.


More Than Just Court Appearances

AppearMe is more than an app to request/accept court appearances. You can cover your deposition, find a court reporter, freelance attorney, interpreter and even refer a case with this application.

Attorneys in Washington love multiple functionalities of the app. Need a court reporter? Why call dozens of court reporting agencies?. Make a request from your device, and a court reporter will get back to you. Need a deposition attorney? Just a click of your mouse and an attorney will respond.

However, the most loved feature for all attorneys is the case referral. Attorneys can refer cases and earn a referral fee without even paying AppearMe! (Note: referral fees are to be honored and paid in accordance to each state’s Bar rules and regulations). They can look over profiles of 5 and more attorneys and select the attorney that best fits their case needs. No need to pay for the attorney consultation! No need to pay the processing agency!

One of the additional features of AppearMe is $40 benefit for an invitation to your attorney friends. Just click on the invite button on top of the menu when you sign up and enter emails of as many attorneys as you would like. Once they sign up, you will get $40 for each.


Get in Touch!

Few lawyers will not love the idea of having an application on their mobile which they can use even when they are in a local bar. At this moment, we encourage you to read our FAQ page or get in touch with AppearMe support agents by calling us at (888) 900-3080 or sending an email to [email protected]. You can decide to sign up to AppearMe right now! Join the attorney team in Washington! Don’t miss the chance to reward yourself as a lawyer!