Why Your Law Firm Needs Legal Practice Management Software

Keeping up with demanding clients, offering competitive legal services, and running a busy law practice is almost impossible without the right tools these days. Law firms have been using legal practice management software for years to keep all aspects of their practice organized, maximize productivity, and improve firm’s profitability. Let’s see why your firm needs to invest in law practice management software!


Remote Work Has Become Easier

Attorneys no longer have to be within the office to work on matters and access client documents. The best cloud-based legal practice management software gives everyone in your law firm 24/7 access to your firm’s data and case files from any location. Legal practitioners can handle tasks and meet with clients in a variety of places as cloud-based solutions can create a virtual office on any device and anywhere your employees may be.


Improved Security

Law firms are responsible for securing a wide range of clients’ private information, including financial, medical, personal, and attorney-client privileged information. Thus, cybersecurity, data breach, and data loss is a major concerns for law firms.

Law firm management software ensures the security of the documents and files of your law firm. This type of software offers multiple levels of security in order to control who can access, read, delete, and/or edit the document.


Increase Billable Hours

Thousands of law firms use law practice management software to get more done in less time by automating repetitive and time-consuming tasks. In other words, legal practice management system can help legal practitioners decrease non-billable hours thanks to proper document management, easy access to files, reducing time spent on administrative tasks, and providing remote capabilities. 


Manage & Grow Your Firm with AppearMe’s Legal Practice Management Software

Impressed by the benefits listed above? Try out AppearMe’s law firm management software! Our legal practice management software includes, but is not limited to, calendaring features, document management, contact management, and customer relationship management.


AppearMe Manage Features

Space for Law Firm: Create a law firm account where all your associates and paralegals can access all firm-related information when they need it.

Matter & Case Management: Manage your legal cases, keep cases organized, and track every change made to legal cases.

Workflow Automation: Save time and avoid errors by creating a custom template workflow and applying it to all new matters or cases.

Litigation Calendar: Never miss a deadline again! Easy access to your calendar with important dates and deadlines will help you keep up with your busy schedules and workloads.

Contacts & Clients: Easily store, manage, and track interactions with your contacts and clients in one organized location.

Court & Other Documents: Never lose another file or document again!  Store all your case related documents in one centralized location. Quickly and easily search and find information.

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