AppearMe: Your Guide to Finding Freelance Work Fast

In the rapidly evolving legal landscape, many attorneys are seeking alternative career paths that offer greater flexibility. Freelancing is an attractive option that enables lawyers to take charge of their schedules while offering specialized services to clients. However, finding freelance clients can be a time-consuming process. AppearMe is reshaping the way legal services are delivered and accessed, creating opportunities for legal professionals to embrace a more flexible and versatile career path.


The Rise of Freelance Attorneys

The traditional law firm model is no longer the sole pathway for legal professionals to thrive. Freelance attorneys are leveraging their skills and knowledge to offer legal services to clients on a project-by-project basis. This model benefits both freelancers seeking a more flexible lifestyle and clients who require specialized expertise for specific tasks without the commitment of hiring a full-time attorney.


Introducing AppearMe

AppearMe – a real-time and on-demand web and mobile application with over 10,000 appearance, deposition, and freelance attorneys – bridges the gap between freelance attorneys and clients seeking immediate legal assistance.

AppearMe is revolutionizing the way freelance attorneys find work by connecting them with prospective clients in just a few seconds, without having to submit tons of applications on job boards.


How it Works

The process of finding work as a freelance attorney through AppearMe is seamless and straightforward:

Registration: Download the AppearMe mobile app (App Store or Google Play) or create an account using our website (registration is free of charge). You will get a confirmation email once we verify your information.

Submitting and accepting tasks: Clients (aka attorneys of record) post multiple job offers on a daily basis specifying the nature of the task, location, and compensation. You will get push notifications and emails on your mobile devices in real-time for every job offer the attorneys of record submit in your area. All you need is click on the “Interested” button. Once the attorney of record picks you, get ready to complete your task and get paid instantly through our secure payment system.

Completion: Once the task is completed, attorneys are compensated for their services.


Benefits of Joining AppearMe as a Freelance Lawyer

Flexibility: AppearMe allows contract attorneys to take on tasks that suit their schedules, skill-set, availability, and interest areas, providing the flexibility to balance work and personal life.

Diverse Opportunities: Once you have an account, you can start handling a diverse range of legal tasks, explore various areas of law, and expand your expertise.

Fast Job Search: AppearMe can help you speed up your job search. The app lets you connect with lawyers in need of your services in 60 seconds.

Streamlined Workflow: The platform’s user-friendly interface simplifies task assignment, communication, and payment processes.

So if you are a freelance attorney looking for ways to get freelance clients faster, sign up now, become a part of our growing network, and increase your billable hours with AppearMe!

If you have questions about our freelance legal services, visit our FAQ page for answers to common questions or contact us directly at (888) 900-3080 or [email protected].