Top 7 Reasons Lawyers Love Their Job

To be a respectable lawyer is an extraordinary calling but to love what you do is even better. Becoming a lawyer requires a lot of financial and time contribution. Therefore, it is utmost important to know where you are going and what rewards you can expect on the way of your professional journey. Here are the top seven reasons lawyers love their job, and if they are not appealing to you, there is no sense in even considering a legal path. Your journey will be full of drama if you don’t see meaning in the rewards that a legal career can give to you.


1.Financial Rewards

Financial rewards come first to the mind. Lawyers are the highest paid professionals, and some attorneys earn more than the national average. This is the tastiest part of the cake, but it is not all that can give you fulfillment. If you earn big bucks and you hate what you are doing, don’t expect to go far. At some point, you will stop the career and go sweeping floors.


2.Lawyers Prestige

For centuries the career of the lawyer has been the highest hallmark. Lawyers have been in elite circles with their authority over other people, impressive degrees and a generous income. But don’t count on this reward too much as well. Sometimes the wealthiest and the most prestigious people are the unhappiest ones. You should look somewhere else for fulfillment in addition to money and prestige.


3.Intellectual Challenge

Intellectual challenge makes the game more interesting. Lawyers need to have analytical and logical skills to advance on their career path. Ever solved kids’ puzzles? That’s exactly like that. The inner curiosity and the internal challenge in each piece of legal work make the whole job more entertaining. This is one of the most fun and rewarding aspect of the lawyer’s job. If you are one of those excitable persons, then lawyer’s work is for you. If you can take it more like a venture than routine work, then something more than money and rewards will come to you.


4.Serve Others

Again, this is something you have, or you have not. Lawyers are one of those professionals whose decisions affect people’s lives. They are in a unique position to help people. Sometimes you even need to do pro-bono-work to help lower-income people. But believe me, you need a lot of altruism to do that. You need motivation and love for what you are doing. And this will pay you back in a sense that no dollars can do.


5.Diverse Practice Areas

You may be someone interested in a specific practice area, like civil litigation, green law or foreclosure law. Just from the start of your career think of what areas come closer to your heart. If you love nature, maybe you should go to environmental practice. If you have a calling of saving people, go to foreclosure law. It all depends on your calling. You just need to realize what is your calling. To understand that is not easy.


6.Transferable Skills

We all make mistakes. When we are young, we think “ah, I will make big money if I go for the law.” When you are grown up, you realize you made a mistake. But this is not the end of the story. Lawyer’s profession offers skills that are transferable to other areas. The skills you develop as a lawyer can serve you well in many other careers, like management, writing, academic or mediation.



And finally, flexibility is something that is part of some lawyers’ job. We don’t encourage you to go to legal outsourcing or take a part-time job but give a thought to your job offer regarding autonomy when you are hired. Do I have to keep to a routine all the time? Can I decide on my work hours? Can I enjoy my personal life in addition to making money? These are the questions to ask before you even take up the job.

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