The Only Way to Find an Appearance Attorney When You Have 30 Minutes Before Your Hearing

You’ve packed your bags, set the alarm, jumped out of bed, searched for your passport, headed to the airport and waited for boarding to start, and.…your flight back into the town has been delayed by three hours! Ugh! What do you do? First, you panic (it’s normal)! Then you chat to a stranger, explore your surroundings, watch how planes come and go while yours goes nowhere. Finally, you stare at your smartphone! You have to cover a court hearing in 30 minutes! What to do? In fact, you never need to worry if you have a special legal tool in your pocket! Yeah, we’re speaking about AppearMe that helps lawyers like you find an appearance attorney within minutes! Don’t believe us? Just keep reading!


Hire an Appearance Attorney Within Minutes In the Worst Case-Scenarios!

Luckily, in the digital age, legal professionals can use AppearMe to hire an appearance attorney in New York, California, Arizona, Nevada, Texas, Florida, Illinois, New Jersey, Oregon and Washington in case they are involved in several cases all at once and are too busy to make the appearance or are stuck in a never-ending traffic jam, etc.

But let’s talk about you! When you have just 30 minutes before your hearing, all you need is post a job announcement using this special appearance app. Thousands of court appearance lawyers registered in the system will get push notifications and emails about your appearance request. One of the experienced court appearance lawyers will accept the request and take care of your appearance! Now, relax, take some cool photos, sleep, connect to the Wi-Fi and find something to watch until the boarding starts!

Yeah, with the help of this terrific mobile(App Store or Google Play) and web app, you can post a job offer a couple of days, hours and even 10 minutes before the hearing. On top of that, the whole process from posting an announcement to hiring an appearance attorney takes around 2 minutes if you are an AppearMe user! By the way, we had a case when a legal professional accepted the request in 27 seconds. Unbelievable, isn’t it?

If you’ve never used AppearMe, visit our Sign up page now. Once you get verified and have an account with AppearMe, you will be able to post an unlimited number of appearance attorney jobs in a wide range of practice areas, including civil and criminal law, bankruptcy, family law, immigration, etc.

And one last thing, attorneys on record can cancel the request free of charge before 5:00 PM the day before appearance. Otherwise, AppearMe will charge legal professionals based on the price they offered for the appearance.



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