Appearance Attorney on Call – More Than Occasional Job

In the 21st century, looming deadlines and demanding clients are no longer an issue when you are using AppearMe, an awesome web and mobile application that helps to hire an appearance attorney on call and a deposition attorney within seconds! Knowing your work is in good hands while you are away can definitely take some of the pressure off, right?

Need a taxi because your car broke down while you were driving the highway? Don’t worry because you have got Uber!

Feeling hungry? Use the best food-delivery applications like Seamless, Foodler or Yelp! Download Waze to get real time traffic information including accidents and traffic jams. And finally, make sure you will never get lost with Google Maps.

Yes, nowadays it seems that everything we need is in our phones or a few clicks away. It seems that our lives wouldn’t be right without several mobile applications that we use daily and even hourly.

Fortunately, there is a useful application designed for lawyers around U.S. as well. Welcome AppearMe, a user-friendly web and mobile application(App Store or Google Play) that helps to find an appearance attorney on call and court appearances within minutes. Plus, AppearMe has included deposition attorney services within the scope of its activities.

In today’s article, we will show why you should sign up to AppearMe and make it a key part of your law practice now and for the years to come.


Supplement Your Income by Moonlighting With ApppearMe

You are an appearance attorney who wants to make extra money and explore new opportunities? If so, why not consider starting your freelance career with us. By choosing AppearMe you also choose the hours and days you want to work and the number of job assignments you want to take in a day!

With your new side hustle, you can earn around $140 per appearance and bring in more money. Take into account that multiple job offers are posted on a daily basis in the states of California, New York, Texas, Arizona, New Jersey, Illinois, Florida, Washington, Oregon and Nevada and you are free to take as many jobs as you wish. Now make your own calculations how much you can earn in a day with AppearMe.


Simply put, work when you want and work wherever you want!

Also it’s awesome to have a sense of security! If something happens and you lose your full-time job, you won’t be completely without an income.


It Is Free To Sign Up

So far haven’t registered with AppearMe? Then enter your full name, email, password, state, bar number and phone number. That’s it, now you are part of a big team of attorneys on call.

Yes, it is that easy! Most importantly you don’t need to pay when you sign up and there aren’t any hidden fees either. Besides you can leave the portal without cancelation fees at any time you want. Isn’t it great?


Hire Highly Qualified Attorneys on Demand

As already mentioned, once an appearance attorney submits his/her profile info, the AppearMe team will approve the profile within hours. So what happens “behind the scenes”, you ask? The thing is AppearMe reviews the information submitted by attorneys on demand and verifies it through the state bar association website. Attorneys with history of disciplinary action or inactive bar license won’t get into the system. Thus, attorneys on record have the opportunity to hire only highly qualified and trained attorneys to cover their appearances through our portal.


Get Paid Minutes After the Appearance

After the hearing attorneys on demand should submit a brief report and complete the appearance. Once done, attorneys don’t need to wait a day or two until getting paid. Through our simple, fast and secure automated system the amount will be on your bank account within an hour as soon as the bank completes the transaction.


Wrapping Up…

Our portal, designed for the entire legal community, makes finding court coverage and a highly qualified appearance attorney on call or deposition attorney super easy!

In other words, AppearMe is beneficial for both sides. That is, attorneys who post job assignments find attorneys on demand within 5 minutes at a reasonable price by a simple click while appearance attorneys earn extra money covering court hearings. But that’s not all! You can post appearances and accept appearances with the same account.

For questions about managing your account and more, please check our FAQs. If you still have questions, give us a call at (888) 900-3080 or send your question to [email protected]. We are always happy to help!

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