How does AppearMe Work? All Advantages at a Glance

Legal business without technology is like the Internet without electricity. Today everything from client communication to document management to billing is done by high-class modern apps that lawyers use to be on a competitive edge. AppearMe is a legal application that helps lawyers to find an appearance attorney, deposition attorney, court reporter in merely minutes. You can also use the application to refer a case and earn a referral fee. It’s time to use technology not only in your administrative tasks and accounting procedures but in hiring the right person and losing minimum time on the job. In this article, you will see all the advantages of AppearMe at a glance. Read the article to the end to understand how lawyers hire contract attorneys today.


AppearMe: Fastest in the Market

AppearMe is an automatic application where the hiring process is done in minutes. You will spend 2-3 minutes on request making, and another attorney normally responds to your request in an average of 60 seconds. Thousands of attorneys are registered users in the states of Nevada, Texas, California, New Jersey, Florida, Illinois, New York, Oregon, Washington, Arizona. They respond immediately upon getting emails and push notifications on their mobiles.


Secure Payment System

Everything from billing to invoicing is done through an automatic system. Automation makes the portal one of the most secure applications in the market.


Flexible Schedule

You can use the application only when needed or when you have free time. This means that you can keep to your schedule as planned.


AppearMe: Free Sign up

You don’t spend a penny when you sign up. Registration is free of charge. We don’t have membership fees or any hidden costs. You pay per match when you hire an attorney at a competitive price.


Immediate Payment

The attorneys get paid the moment they close and submit the assignment through an automatic system. You need to complete your Payment page and register in Stripe via AppearMe. When you click on “Close and Report”, you will receive your payment automatically for any assignment performed.

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Steady Source of Income for Attorneys

Appearance attorneys, deposition attorneys, and court reporters make a steady income with the use of this application. It has become a source of stable income for them. You can also refer a case and receive a referral fee. AppearMe charges no processing fee for case referrals! All referral fees must be honored and paid in accordance to state bar rules and regulations.

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact AppearMe.

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