AppearMe and Clio Launch a Powerful Integration in LegalTech

In an effort to help litigators streamline their practice AppearMe is integrating with Clio, one of the leading case management software for law firms. From now on you can access AppearMe from Clio and quickly create appearance and deposition coverage requests by automatically receiving the data from each Clio matter to the AppearMe network.


What is AppearMe-Clio integration and Why Should Attorneys Care?

The truth is that administrative work takes too much time from law firms and legal professionals. Those who spend hours on tasks like billing or match-making, normally get behind more essential matters and accomplish less in the same amount of time.

With Clio-AppearMe integration, you can access freelance lawyers without even shifting the apps. Just like you are tracking time, managing matters and generating an invoice, you can also find a legal professional with AppearMe.

This makes everyone’s job easier. It lets you take control every minute of your time and every dollar you earn on billable hours. With easier decision-making and less time spent on admin, legal professionals can manage more in their legal practice. 


Why Use AppearMe?

AppearMe is the fastest legal app for legal match-making, It connects with thousands of attorneys within minutes ready to appear to civil or criminal cases for example. Even if you need an appearance attorney 10 minutes before your hearing, you can count on AppearMe. Records say that 30% of requests on AppearMe are submitted on Sundays and between 4 am to 7:00 am for same-day coverage. This makes the app a valuable tool in times of emergencies and last-minute deals.

But time is not the only value you gain with AppearMe. Access to various professionals in a wide spectrum of practice areas makes this tool a must-have resource in the hands of lawyers, something any paralegal at a law firm would just love to have. Gain access to various job offers or post requests from court appearances, depositions, to legal freelancing, interpreting and court reporting. All these in just one app!

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