AppearMe Has No Competitors When Comparing Benefits

You are about to compare benefits of AppearMe with other competitors. Here is a chart that will show you the advantages you gain when you sign up to AppearMe.





Other Competitors

Find an appearance attorney in less than 60 seconds      ✓          X
Get push notifications on your mobile phone and email      ✓                 X
Create an appearance in less than 2 minutes through simple guided steps      ✓                X
Get paid the minute you close the appearance      ✓          X
Work in your preferred neighborhood or area of practice      ✓          X
Earn $10 when referring to a friend      ✓          X
Get multiple job offers a day      ✓          X
Bid on a higher price      ✓          X
Connect your calendar with the app      ✓          X
Enjoy stable income      ✓          X


AppearMe: When your Benefits Outweigh

We want to highlight some of the benefits of AppearMe. The first and most important benefit you gain with AppearMe is high speed and fast results. Nowhere in the market can you find a record time of less than a minute for finding an appearance attorney.

The smart technology allows its users to get push notifications on their mobiles or emails once the attorney posts a job request. The appearance attorney can claim for the job within seconds. This makes the app extremely powerful and efficient.

Every stage of AppearMe is furnished with smart solutions and fast technology. It takes 2-3 minutes for an attorney of record to create an appearance.

Another benefit is that the appearance attorneys don’t wait days and even weeks for the payment to settle. They get paid instantly once they close the appearance or deposition. The money gets to their account within an hour which is needed for the processing bank to complete the transaction.

AppearMe takes care that its users make the best out of the app. Attorneys can specify the geographic areas they want to work in when they sign up. When they do that, they get notifications only from those geographic locations.

You can make money not only by working as an appearance attorney but also by referring to a friend. You can get $10 per each sign up if you refer to your attorney friends.

When you consider the number of attorneys reaching thousands registered in the portal, you naturally think that multiple job offers in a day are not out of reality. The users of AppearMe post job offers on a daily basis in the states of California, New York, Texas, and Nevada.

We want to make sure that our users are comfortable with the app. They can sync with their favorite calendar whether its Google, iCal or Yahoo.

Finally, our app allows making a steady income while keeping to a flexible work schedule.

Enjoy the app and keep us posted (contact)!!!

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