AppearMe Can Help You Gain More in Court Coverage

You may be one of the lawyers that work hard and make little if this article ticked you. Yes, you can gain more in court coverage and, more importantly, you can do that in less time! Sounds appealing? It should! Read this article to the last word and make more in less time from now on. You will learn about an application that tech-savvy lawyers use who know how to gain advantage from technology!


Use an Application in Trend

We are talking about a legal application called AppearMe that has been in the market for a couple of years. The portal allows its registered users to find jobs as a court appearance attorney, deposition attorney and receive entire cases. You can as well find a court reporter and an interpreter if you need one.

What’s so new? You may be asking. There are a lot of agencies that promise to match you with other attorneys. What’s so different about AppearMe? 

The answer is automation! When an attorney submits a job request on the portal, thousands of other attorneys receive push notifications on their mobiles and emails on the web. The first attorney, who accepts the offer, covers the assignment (“claim first, get the job”). No more middlemen! No more agents. The system performs the functions of an agent surprisingly easily and efficiently!


AppearMe Can Help You Gain More in Less Time

At the beginning of the article, we promised you will gain more in less time. How about that? The answer is again super simple! 

Claim only for those jobs that are in your neighborhood! You might know that a lot of time goes on traveling to the court and back. This is the reason that a lot of attorneys don’t want to waste time and resources and assign tasks to other attorneys. Your move? Claim only to appearances that are in a nearby courthouse. You will save time and money on traveling to the court and back.

Very often attorneys happen in the same court where the appearance is announced. Picture yourself waiting for your turn in Florida Immigration Court. You get a notification that someone needs to reschedule the hearing in the same court. Just step in next door and earn $75 minimum (up to $ 350). How does that sound? I would be intrigued!

Some doubts in the back of your mind? The application is free to sign up (no membership fees or hidden costs!). Please read about our pricing.


Get in Touch!

For more info, please read our Help page or contact AppearMe for assistance. You can follow us on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn or subscribe to our newsletter to keep up with the latest news. As always, send your question(s) to [email protected] or call (888) 900-3080 (toll-free).

When all your questions are covered, don’t waste any more time! Download the application from App Store or Google Play or simply sign up to AppearMe using the web. Hit the Sign Up button on the top menu and fill in the required information. Once you are done, click “sign up”. We will get back to you in a couple of hours.

If you are an attorney with an active license and without disciplinary history, consider yourself a member of a big attorney team! Start submitting and receiving jobs on the platform and take full advantage of technology!

Almost forgot! Once you sign up, tell your lawyer friends about AppearMe and you’ll receive $40 per friend that signs up (you’ll see invite button on the top menu).

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