AppearMe Officially Joins the Berkeley SkyDeck Accelerator for Startups

We are thrilled to announce that we have officially joined the Berkeley SkyDeck accelerator. As a global hub for entrepreneurship, SkyDeck helps entrepreneurs build successful startups and get connected with world-class resources, powerful faculty and alumni network of UC Berkeley and industry leaders.

Each year SkyDeck funds exceptional startups (24 out of 800+ applicants for fall 2019) that have the ability to record growth and bring their scientific or technical discoveries to market while commercializing groundbreaking UC Berkeley research. The Fund also invests into companies accepted into the six-month long SkyDeck Cohort Program. The accelerator can help startups test their go-to-market strategy and come up with amazing results with outside hires, new product releases and much more.

Perhaps the most exciting part of this partnership is that AppearMe will be directly supporting the University of California education system. Contributing to the future of our nation through education is an honor and comes with great responsibility. Our team is thrilled to take on this and any future challenge!

This is just a step toward groundbreaking achievements for our team and all AppearMe customers. To celebrate this milestone we are about to launch one of the most asked-for features – now attorneys can submit requests to work with freelance attorneys by outsourcing tasks like legal research, drafting and other assignments that pile up during busy times.

A little over a year ago AppearMe launched with a simple app that features one round button to request appearance coverage. It’s amazing to think that we started just as a platform for court appearances. Today litigators can find help with appearances, depositions, finding court reporters and interpreters… all within 60 seconds.

As life-long USC Trojans, our founders are excited to join the UC Berkeley family and make both even “more awesome” by connecting more talented, motivating and powerful leaders!

Fight On!

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