AppearMe – the Simplest Solution for Law Firms

Sometimes the simplest solutions are the best solutions. We all know that tight deadlines are the worst things about being a lawyer. You may have dreamed of magic powers to do everything right every moment, but this will not happen unless you get reasonable. Hiring an appearance attorney can be a simple solution to big problems.

Lawyer’s profession is stressful sometimes but today’s technology has created a vast spectrum of tools that help lawyers to perform tasks more efficiently and faster.

We offer you a solution to get a helpful hand in occasions when you cannot make to a court hearing due to tough deadlines or a heavy workload. You don’t need to push the attorneys of your law firm to the impossible. AppearMe offers you a simple solution that will make the work of your attorneys less stressful and more reasonable.


Hire an Appearance Attorney When You Can’t Make to Courthouse

Yes, hiring an appearance attorney when things get out of control is a solution that AppearMe offers. Don’t undervalue the help of other attorneys in situations when you lose head. They can really be your saviors. Appearance attorneys are the ones that save you from losing your face when you can’t appear and this is for real.

But won’t it cost me a fortune, you may ask.


You Gain More Than You Lose When You Hire an Appearance Attorney

Hiring an appearance attorney may cost you some bucks, but the time you save for doing more important tasks is more valuable. Your law firm will have more time to spend on tasks that bring you more money when you assign simple tasks like handing in a missing document or rescheduling a hearing to other attorneys.

And you don’t even need to arrange for the appearance attorneys! Your lawyers need to sign up and post an appearance request any time they feel unable to cover the appearance themselves.

You gain time, money and more importantly less stress.


No Commitment Whatsoever

Your attorneys will be committed to nothing when they sign up. They can create their profiles and use the portal when needed or desired.

There are no hidden fees. We don’t charge you for signing up, either. Basically, by signing up you are putting yourself in an advantageous position of getting help when needed.

On a $70 appearance, we have a small $10 processing fee, which means the appearance attorney will get $60 the second he or she closes the cases and submits a report to the attorney of record. For complete info about our pricing, go to our pricing page.

Yes, simple solutions are sometimes the best solutions. Thousands of attorneys in California and Nevada are already registered. Take advantage of our secure web and mobile app. Get started on the Web or download from App Store or Google Play!

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