AppearMe will Effectively Call & Email 400 Appearance Attorneys

We are living in the age of robots. We witness Internet destroying all kinds of middlemen. Lawyerbots are revolutionizing the way legal matters are handled starting from parking tickets and arguing with airlines for compensation over delayed flights to housing aid and benefits. Now a new lawyerbot has disrupted the way appearance attorneys are hired. You don’t need to wait for agencies for hours and even days to find an appearance attorney for you. The new secure and automatic system will help you find an attorney on demand within seconds.


AppearMe lawyerbot and how it works

Named AppearMe, the new system lets you find your Appearance Attorney within minutes for any court, anytime and for any hearing. You can submit your request even 10 minutes before your appearance date and time.

Signing up for AppearMe takes a couple of minutes. After the system verifies your account via email, you will have an opportunity to claim and submit appearance requests.


Easy-to-use and fast notification system

All registered lawyers receive an automated notification as soon as a new appearance is submitted. Once you accept the offer, all you have to do is to appear for the assigned hearing. The fast and increasingly efficient system allows AppearMe to effectively send push notifications on phone and email 400 appearance attorneys in 1 or 2 seconds max.


An automatic and secure payment system

AppearMe is created having the busy schedules of lawyers in mind. It is optimized such that creating an appearance request you will not have to worry about making payments or finalizing the appearances. AppearMe will do it for you!

To get paid for your appearances all you have to do is to complete your profile and submit your checking account information. Once your checking account is set up, your earnings will be transferred to your account through an automatic payment system after you submit the appearance report.


Appearance Attorneys: Sync Your Court Appearance Schedule with Google Calendar and iCal with One Click

AppearMe lets you sync your appearance dates with Google, iCal, Outlook and Yahoo calendars. You can do that with a simple click of a button easily exporting your court appearance information to the calendar app of your choice.


Full court information

The system allows to generate full court address, department and the appropriate phone number which will make everyone’s life easier. Suppose you have an urgent question or you are stuck in the traffic, you can call the clerk of the courthouse and request to call your case at a later time. In critical situations, such a trivial matter may be a savior.

Take your chance to use this revolutionary tool to make your life easier! Sign up for AppearMe!

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