5 Facts You Should Know About Attorney on Demand Service

All lawyers face situations when they need to use an attorney on demand service. They do that because these legal professionals cover appearances they cannot attend due to time limitation or other personal issues. Before you even try to find such a practitioner, consider these facts about an attorney on demand, also called contract lawyers or appearance attorneys.


Reasons For Using Attorney on Demand Service

When you have a court hearing, you cannot attend you will need to use legal contract service. Attorneys on demand are legal professionals who appear to court hearings on behalf of another legal professional. The practitioners need to hire an appearance lawyer because they may have conflicting court dates, pressing deadlines or they don’t want to spend time on a routine task. These professionals are especially helpful during emergencies when you may have a last-minute call or can’t go to court due to illness.


Contract Lawyers Are Mostly Freelancers

A lot of law professionals prefer to have freelance work rather than do a full-time job. They like the flexibility of the work schedule and the ability to have a life outside the law. Some have an on-side business and working on the case to case basis is something that allows them to keep up with their current issues. Others have hobbies and taking up occasional jobs is something that makes their life more fulfilling. Legal contract service allows them to pay for things they love to do.


Legal Contract Professionals Appear to About Any Court Hearing

Appearance lawyers handle just about any type of court hearing, including family law, bankruptcy, immigration, civil, criminal and more. Most are specialized in a specific field of practice and have a huge command of different areas of law. They attend depositions, motions, conferences and more.


Contract Practitioners’ Hourly Rate

The contract practitioners’ hourly rate normally ranges from $75-$250. This may or may not include the court fee. Legal practitioners can sometimes take two or even three assignments per day. Sometimes the fee is per assignment and not per hour. This means you pay a fixed price per task. If a law professional makes the contract service a constant way of earning money, he/she can make a steady income from contract jobs.


You Can Use a Web and Mobile Application to Find an Attorney on Demand

Now you can find a law professional that will provide occasional services to you using web and mobile application(App Store or Google Play) AppearMe. AppearMe has revolutionized the way appearance attorneys are hired. It is a 100% automated application that you can download for free and start posting and accepting court appearance jobs. Finding an appearance lawyer through this application takes less than a minute. Thousands of attorneys get notifications when a legal professional posts a job offer. To start using the application, sign up or contact AppearMe.

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