Attorneys on Demand a Click Away Whenever You Need Them

If you ever need attorneys on demand and in real time, AppearMe is the right way to go and here is why.


  • You can find an attorney on demand by a click of your mouse or a tap on your mobile phone
  • The lawyers registered with AppearMe are competent in a lot of practice areas
  • It takes 2 minutes to submit a request and 1 minute till another lawyer commits to your appearance
  • You can find 24/7 customer support with AppearMe
  • Everything from invoicing to payment is automatic

Let me elaborate on these in more detail.


Attorneys on Demand Are a Click Away

When you register with AppearMe, you can post unlimited job offers. It takes 2 to 3 minutes to submit a request by entering simple information that is always at hand. Once you do that and submit the request, thousands of lawyers registered with the portal receive instant notifications. The legal practitioner who reacts the first gets the job. Because of this smart solution, it takes less than 1 minute for a legal professional to commit to your appearance.


Competence in Specific Practice Areas

When the legal professionals register with AppearMe, they can specify the areas of practice they are most competent in and would like to work in. A lot of lawyers are experts in family law, immigration, bankruptcy, civil, criminal law and so on. They appear to various types of appearances, including depositions, motions, ex parte and more.


Two Minutes to Submit a Request, One Minute to Commit

Submitting a request with AppearMe is as easy as anything else. It won’t take long to make a request, and all information is at hand. Once you do that, wait 1 minute or less, and another lawyer will commit to your appearance.


24/7 Customer Support

You can find help with AppearMe any time. We are available 24/7, and our Customer Support heroes will eagerly answer to all your inquiries.


Automatic Invoicing to Payment

The system processes everything from invoicing to payment automatically. You don’t need to worry about paying the attorney you hired. Once the hired practitioner submits a brief report, the amount minus the processing fee is transferred to his/her account.

Since you don’t pay anything to join the portal, we highly encourage you to sign up today. We will consider your profile in a couple of hours. From that on, if you are approved, you will be able to post and receive unlimited job offers.

If you still have questions, please read our help page or contact us.


Submit or find hundreds of appearances, depositions, entire cases and court reportings at your fingertips daily in real time!

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