No More Middle-Man Markup! Connect and Get Connected with Attorneys in Minneapolis

Gone are those days when you had to call agencies for a freelance attorney! Tech-savvy lawyers now use AppearMe – a mobile and web app […]


Finding a Court Reporter in Illinois Has Never Been Easier

Need to hire a licensed and reputable court reporter in Illinois in minutes? Hmm, it ain’t gonna happen if you contact a court reporting firm […]


40 Social Media Accounts Lawyers Should Follow

Law firms are often skeptical if being on social media would benefit them and if it’s worth their time. Well, to grow your law firm […]


Unlimited Freelance Attorney Jobs in San Francisco

I have been asked dozens of times about the way I find freelance attorney jobs, and it’s not a big surprise why. I usually find […]


Market Your Skills as a Freelance Attorney

It doesn’t matter how resourceful and experienced you are, you can’t get clients as a freelance attorney without the right marketing. Your skills need to […]


Get a Freelance Attorney to Draft a Demand Letter in Rochester

So you have to draft a demand letter and you are short of time. A familiar situation for many busy lawyers. Unlike you, most of […]


Find Freelance Work for Lawyers in Minneapolis

Yes, freelancing is an answer to the challenges of the digital age. If you are a lawyer in Minneapolis in search of freelance work, we […]


AppearMe Launches Law Firm Accounts!

We are happy to announce a new feature which makes litigation support management for law firms a streamlined, simple and secure process. By creating a […]


A Sociologist Says You Need to Be White and Male to Look Like a Lawyer

There are certain unspoken rules of success in corporate America, not least of which is “looking the part,” Tsedale M. Melaku, a Sociologist at The […]


Text a Lawyer Directly From the AppearMe App

How do busy lawyers usually hire legal professionals? I’m sure there are as many answers to this question, as there are lawyers in need of […]

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