Become an Appearance Attorney Specialist! Make Court Appearances for Cash

If you want to make court appearances for cash, you have an unprecedented chance to join an attorney family of AppearMe. You can work as […]


Lawyers On Call Know the Business of Court Appearances at AppearMe

How many times have you been in a situation when you had a court hearing when a pile of urgent documents was waiting for you […]


Legal Tool for Hiring an Attorney to Cover Your Court Appearances

Your girlfriend goes home and tells her mum she is dating a lawyer. We are betting her mum will feel happy and proud as you […]


7 Reasons Why You Should Search for a Deposition Attorney Through AppearMe

Today the legal industry has witnessed a major shift in work relations. Lawyers are contracted in almost all practice areas of law. Contract attorneys are […]


AppearMe: Special Appearances Require Special Consideration

If you think you can appear to all your court hearings, you are bitterly mistaken. You may get sick, stuck in another court or simply […]


Why Miss a Deadline? Hire an Attorney on Call!

Tough deadlines? Nothing new for a lawyer. Everyone goes through the hassle of a heavy caseload, but not everyone knows the solution. You realize, of […]


5 Reasons Why I Love My Career as a Court Reporter

Court reporters always have to be detail oriented, accurate and punctual. Plus, they are always expected to meet deadlines, multitask, have excellent listening, writing, typing […]


A Step-by-Step Guide on How to Find a Deposition Attorney in Nevada

It’s winter… The temperature is around 0C and you don’t have any wish to get back to work in this snowy and cold weather. The only […]


3 Tips for Newly Licensed Court Reporters

Congratulations! Finally, you have become a licensed court reporter and got your dream job! Everything seems perfect, but you feel kind of nervous! As a […]


AppearMe is a Must-Have for Hiring a Court Reporter

Finding a court reporter is easy, right? However, finding the right court reporter is the trick. From time to time, attorneys have to deal with […]

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