How to be more effective in a court appearance

Experienced attorneys know that first impressions count a lot. The way you are dressed and the way you act may have a profound effect on […]


What does an appearanace attorney do?

When time is of essence, appearance attorneys can be your angels. If attorneys of record have urgent matters, urgent calls or simply unwilling to attend […]


Emergency! I Need My Appearance Request to Be Picked Up NOW

Being an attorney of record may be stressful sometimes. You can always have emergency calls and court appearances for issues like handing in a missing […]


The Benefits of the AppearMe App and Why Attorneys Should Use it

Imagine a platform that brings together hundreds of thousand attorneys together in one space. Whether you are an attorney of record who struggles through the […]


Who are Appearance Attorneys and How Can They Save your Day

As an attorney, you may be facing the challenge of pressing obligations when your time is extremely limited. You will damage your reputation badly if […]


From Pricing Your Appearance to All the Court Info You Will Ever Need – AppearMe Continues to Disrupt How Appearance Attorneys are Hired

AppearMe continues to revolutionize how special appearances are managed with its latest update to the already popular and powerful web and mobile app for attorneys. […]


Questions Most Asked by Appearance Attorneys

It is not a secret that the job of an appearance attorney is a challenging one. It requires a lot of courage and willpower to […]


Dos and Don’ts for the First Court Appearance

Making a court appearance is one of the most responsible tasks that appearance attorneys have to handle. It may be considered as a simple task, […]


Graduated from Law School, Now What?

Hey new grad! Congratulations! You have conquered a challenge that only a handful have been able to even dream about. As a newly ordained attorney, […]


5 Reasons You Should Consider Becoming an Appearance Lawyer

The job of an appearance attorney is appealing to many lawyers. Besides handling cases, they choose to make court appearances on behalf of attorneys and […]

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