Can a Lawyer Appear for me in a Divorce Proceeding?

Facing a divorce proceeding? One of the most frequently asked questions is whether your attorney can appear for you in a divorce proceeding. And the […]


3 Reasons why you Should Hire an Appearance Attorney

Getting a traffic ticket and realizing that you have to appear in court is a tragedy we all face. None of us wants to go […]


5 Things to know About Divorce Mediation Before Trying it

It is easier to make a decision to divorce than handle all the procedures. Are you facing such issues as the distribution of property (assets/liabilities), […]


3 Easy Steps on how to get an Appearance Attorney

As time goes on, the number of things we become responsible for only go up. Work, important meetings, and family shores are just a few […]


What is the Most Valuable Immigration Information You Need to Get?

Immigration has always been the part of all living creatures since the world emerged. Surely, there are certain terms besides ”immigration” describing this kind of […]


10 Awesome Tips for Giving Evidence in the Family Law Court

You are standing in the witness box. Everyone is staring at you. Slowly you feel your heart chasing something that is far away. Your sweat […]


Is DUI a Felony in the State of California?

Next time when you are about to drive under influence please keep in mind that you put into risk not only your life but also […]


7 Steps to Find an Attorney Who is Just Right for You

Do you not know how to find an attorney who will be just right for you? We are here to help you with some tips […]


8 Extremely Bizarre Court Cases that Actually Happened

Thousands and thousands of court cases are filed every day. They come to life when a dispute arises between two parties and later on they […]


What Cases Does a Civil Attorney Handle?

As you know there are civil cases and there are criminal cases. Respectfully, there is a civil attorney who handles totally different cases than a […]

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