How to find a court appearance in your neighborhood

As a court appearance attorney, you may have faced the problem of assignments that are far away from your location. You may have had the choice of either declining the offer or taking it and struggling through the hassle of getting to the courthouse which is not close to you.

AppearMe tackles this problem most efficiently. Now you can pick up only the court appearance requests that are in your neighborhood!


Pre-select the geographic location of the courthouse

You may have faced a disappointing situation when you had to spend a lot of time and money to get to the courthouse of your appearance.

What if I say you don’t have to worry about it anymore! Using the real-time web or mobile app you can pre-select which appearance announcements you want to receive based on geographic location of the courthouse.

When you pre-select the geographic location of the appearance courthouse, you will receive notifications of only the requests in the areas which are close to you. Let’s say you want to get requests only from Alameda County or Fresno County, you need to mention Alameda and Fresno in your preferences and you will receive notifications only from those counties. This makes the life of appearance attorneys a lot easier allowing them to get things done in the most efficient and resourceful manner.


Pick up court appearance requests in your neighborhood

You have the option of leaving out your preferences to get as many offers as you wish. Once you are registered, you will start receiving tons of appearance requests. You can choose to Accept or Reject them.

Do you realize now that you will be able to accept only those offers that are in your neighborhood? Even if you don’t pre-select the geographic location, you will still be able to take only those that you prefer.

This is the most efficient way of getting tons of appearance requests and picking up only those which you prefer at the moment.

The job of an appearance attorney has never been easier than today! Pre-select the geographic location or pick up only those court appearance requests that are in your neighborhood!

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