Hiring an Appearance Attorney is Easy Now

Have you ever felt the nuisance of hiring an appearance attorney? Have you ever been direly in need of an attorney on demand and waited for days for an agency to appoint you one? These days are in the past now. You can now hire an appearance attorney anytime for any hearing within minutes.

Hiring an appearance attorney even within 10 minutes before your court hearing is real now with AppearMe web and mobile app. It has become absolutely easy to find an appearance attorney in real time and most importantly without the hassle of waiting hours and even days.


Hire an Appearance Attorney Within Minutes

AppearMe is web and mobile application that has revolutionized the way appearance attorneys are hired. If you need an appearance attorney for any reason, AppearMe lets you find one in barely minutes. Qualified attorneys on demand will show up to any court, anytime and for any hearing. You can submit your request a week, a day or even 10 minutes before you appearance time.


Signing up to AppearMe is easy

It will take you a couple of minutes to sign up to AppearMe. Once you verify your account via an email, our admin will make the second verification and you will have the opportunity to submit and claim appearance requests.


Attorneys of Record can submit requests using AppearMe

If you are an attorney of record and want to find an appearance attorney to cover your appearance, you can submit your request using simple steps. As soon as you submit your request, the system will notify thousands of appearance attorneys who are willing to take up your offer.

Once an attorney accepts your request, you will see his or her info on your Matched Appearance Calendar. Now you can message him or her, call and talk. After all, is set and done, you just need to sit back and wait until the appearance is covered.

When the appearance if finalized, the system will make the payment automatically, so you don’t have to worry even about that! AppearMe will do it for you!


Appearance Attorney can receive tons of job offers

If you are an appearance attorney who is willing to cover court appearances, you too have to sign up to AppearMe. As soon as you create an account, the system will register you in our database. After you verify your account, you will start filling your calendar with appearance requests.

You will see all appearance requests and can choose to Accept or Reject them. Your calendar will show the date of your accepted request. You can sync with your favorite calendar whether it is Google, iCAl, Yahoo or Outlook.

Don’t miss your chance to be part of the big attorney game! Catch the moment and get things done!

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