What to Expect When You Start to Use AppearMe

If you are on our page, you might have heard about AppearMe. Whether you are an attorney of record or an appearance attorney, you might know that this easy to use and secure app has revolutionized the whole system of hiring an appearance attorney.

The idea of finding an appearance attorney within a minute seems unlikely but that is what AppearMe web and mobile app does.

It connects thousands of attorneys of record with appearance attorneys who are registered in the system. No more need to wait hours and even days until agencies will find an appearance attorney for you.  All you have to do is to sign up, submit an appearance and wait until your assignment is covered. This will take minutes. The system is fast, secure and user-friendly.

This is what to expect when you start to use AppearMe.


Build a growing and profitable legal practice

Whether you are an attorney of record or an appearance attorney, using AppearMe will incredible boost your legal practice.

If you are an attorney of record, you will have more chance to hire an attorney on demand anywhere, anytime for any court hearing. You can focus more on critical tasks having more time and resources to excel in your job. This means you will have a chance to take up more jobs growing your legal practice in scope.

If you are an appearance attorney, your chances of getting hired increase hundred-fold. You can cover appearances just like a regular job and make steady income while staying flexible in your work hours.


Save more time

You will have more time to do more mandatory work and leave the routine tasks to professionals that are capable of performing them well.

When you don’t spend time traveling to court and back for minor issues like handing in a missing document, you can concentrate on more critical tasks that require your attention. You can also take more jobs increasing your income dramatically.

Save more money

You may be amazed how much money you will save if you assign minor tasks to attorneys on demand rather than doing them on your own. You will have more time to spend on jobs that bring more income and you can increase your client base.

If you are an attorney on demand, you can make the court appearance a source of steady income for you. When you sign up, you will receive appearance requests every other minute. Isn’t that what you were looking for?


Flexible schedule

Both appearance attorneys and attorneys on demand gain in the flexibility of work when they sign up to AppearMe.

Appearance attorneys can take a significant number of requests for one day and stay at home the next day. Attorneys of record will also have more flexibility in what they are doing having more time to plan on other tasks.


Appearance lawyers can always get hired

It may seem unlikely at first glance, but AppearMe, in fact, allows to find an appearance attorney within minutes. The idea is not very unreal if you think of thousands of lawyers registered in the system using a user-friendly and simple application.

As a lawyer, I wouldn’t give a second thought. Sign up to AppearMe and start receiving notifications about the next court appearance requests within a couple of minutes! Find an appearance attorney even 10 minutes before your hearing!

AppearMe has revolutionized the appearance attorney hiring process. It is not in the genre of fantasy anymore.

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